Endless winter on the Dachstein Glacier



Summer Skiing

Missing the snow? If so, why wait for winter? Come to the Dachstein Glacier! Ideal pistes for beginners and enthusiasts. North-facing slopes guarantee ideal snow conditions. 6 lifts are waiting for you!

Atomic Super Park

 At the Opening 2009 The Atomic Superpark Dachstein presented itself with powder snow and cold temperatures. The „Crème de la Crème“ of snowboarding met at the Atomic Superpark Dachstein on Saturday 30.05.09 for the official opening and the community could get the first impressions of the new Set-up built by Bernd Mandlberger. For what we all have to take our hat off (once again).


 The Training Centre of the Cross Country Global Elite!

Up to 18 km of the best prepared cross country routes. In autumn the Dachstein is THE international training center for cross country skiers. Up to 15 nations train here at the same time.


Dachstein Information

The Dachstein mountains are a gigantic, ancient coral reef, nearly 3,000m above the sea. During the formation of the Alps, the sea level was raised and the gigantic lime reef was broken. The high Dachstein is the highest elevation point in the northern lime Alps. In the northern shadow of the dominating lime peak, there are 3 large glacier surfaces – the Hallstätter glacier (750 acres), the Gosau glacier (300 acres) and the Schladminger glacier (240 acres).

With the Dachstein glacier cable car, you have access to a magnificent mountain landscape with many different adventures to offer. For skiers, there are 5 lifts for mountain skiing, snowboarders can try spectacular jumps in the “Atomic Superpark Dachstein”, and cross-country skiers get the best international high-training runs here. For hikers, safe trails and tracks lead to the most spectacular look-out points and natural wonders. Mountaineers have access to the Dachstein peak area and the nearby mountains from the mountain station. Climbers and free climbers find paradise in the available cliffs for all grades of difficulty. The Dachstein is one of the most beautiful look-out points of the Alps because of its towering, solitary position.